Sunday, November 20, 2011

These Dreams Starring 2009 to 2011 by JackVSage

2009 to 2011 was a very full, busy, heartbreaking and heartwarming time for us. Lots of love, loss, art, travel and mold-breaking. Many times over the past three years, various forces tried to pull us under and leave us in the dust, but we are still standing, still creating and still living every moment. From climbing 22 feet into the air every day to live in a treehouse, using a minimalist kitchen and traveling in a van held together with gossamer and pure blind luck, we had a 3000 mile run in seven states, lived on sales of how-to articles, spray paint art and hand-made jewelry. We battled snow, rain and boiling gasoline, winding up at home base in Tempe, Arizona. Now Gypsy's making pottery and I'm working on a cookbook and a new website. Here's to the best of 2009 to 2011!

"Coming Soon" mixed media collage by Jane M. Smith, January 2011 

"The Dance" mixed media collage by Jane M. Smith February 2011

JackVSage, August 25, 2011

Asheville Wildflowers, Photo by JackVSage November 2010 

Kelethin Kitchen, Making Peasant Bread, 2009  Photo by Jane  M. Smith

Kelethin Kitchen, 2009 Photo by Jane M. Smith

Minimalist Jewelry Workshop, 2009 Photo by Jane M. Smith

Kelethin, November 2009 Photo by Jane M. Smith

Custom Mother's Day necklace design by JackVSage May 2010 

"Cherries Jubilee" designed by JackVSage May 2010 

"Passion and Steel" designed by JackVSage June 2010 

"Kyoto" designed for Jordi Smith, 2010

"Creative Flow" designed for Laura M. Chapman, 2010 

Grinding steel roses, July 2010

"Emerald City" in progress, July 2010

"Emerald City" complete, July 2010

"Overclocked" custom steel rose vase, July 2010  Designed  and  produced by Gypsy Wilburn

Custom steel rose vase, July 2010 Designed and produced by Gypsy Wilburn

"Momentum" custom steel rose vase, July 2010  Designed and produced by Gypsy Wilburn

"Happy Brick" and making Turkish coffee, July 2010  Photo by Jane M. Smith

Last blade ever made by Gypsy Wilburn, February 2011

"Fowl Spirit" August 2011

"Motivation" January 2010 by Gypsy Wilburn

"Jewel" and Adventures with Boiling Gasoline, April 2011 through June 2011 

Arizona Sunset November 2011  Photo by Jane M. Smith

"Now You Are a Man"
"Live, Love and Laugh"

August 2011

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