Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge

Michele Scism and Michelle Schaeffer, authors of "7 Ways to Get Your Blog in Motion," created the 2012 Ultimate Blog Challenge to kickstart the year and help participants create a habit of posting at least once a day. According to Scism and Shaeffer, the challenge will help participants increase their blog readership and foster community. Since a couple dozen of my fellow writers have all taken the challenge, and since their effort to strengthen the writing community fits the intent Tempe Tempest, I decided to participate as well.

I accepted a second challenge from another fellow writer, to complete a personal profile called "My Average Perfect Day." Completing the challenge is supposed to help you identify what you want from life, making it easier to motivate yourself. The questions, along with a couple of my own that I added, provide exactly 31 topics. Save the questions to a Wordpad file and share the answers on your own site.

Questions for the "My Average Perfect Day" Challenge:

Where would I live?

What would my house look like?

What time would I wake up?

What would I see first thing in the morning?

What would I do in the morning?

What would I think about first thing in the morning?

What would I say in the morning?

Who would I say it to?

What would I have for breakfast?

What would I think about during breakfast?

What would I do for the first half of my day?

What would I have for lunch?

Where would I have lunch?

Who would I eat with?

What would my friends be like?

What would we talk about during lunch?

Deeper questions…

What would I do for personal fulfillment?

What would I do for my community?

What life purpose will I strive toward?

What would my business be?

What time would I start work?

What would I actually “DO” at work?

What are my clients like?

What is my relationship like?

What would I do for family time?

Where would I go?

How would I get there?

What would I do at night?

Who would I do it with?

What are my thoughts as I go to sleep?

How do I want to be remembered?

Final thoughts...

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