Monday, January 9, 2012

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day Nine: It's Time to Be a Jester

Today's post is the transcript from my YouTube video, "It's Time to Be a Jester."


Hi! Jack Sage here. This is the ninth post of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and yes, I am aware that if you are following me here on Tempe you will notice that the last post here is actually post five and today's post there on YouTube is post nine, which means I'm missing six, seven and eight. So those will be coming soon. I have not yet chosen topics for those posts, but the one that I'm doing right now is based on Chris Hughes' challenge at the beginning of the year to help yourself find your core identity. That was passed on to me by fellow Hardcore Freelancer Lee Rowley.

In the list of questions that Chris provided, one of them was "What will you do for fulfillment?" What I am going to be doing, starting tomorrow, is I get to get paid to cavort around in a green toga and make people laugh, and hopefully make them stop and get their taxes done at Liberty Tax, but the point of it all is, I get paid to cavort around in a green toga.

Now some people might think, "Oh, wow, that's really lame." But what's bad about making people laugh? Okay? What's bad about being that person, that as everybody is intently driving to work and worried about getting there on time, and they're cussing at the people next to them because they won't let them get over, what's bad about being the person that makes them laugh, okay? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And that is what I consider fulfillment right now.

Also, my partner and I have discussed this at length and we both are intending to get food service handling cards. Here in Arizona you have to have a food service handling card, whether it's for restaurant work or it's for hostessing. Even for something as simple as being a hotel desk clerk, anything where you might handle food, you have to have a food handler's card. And that even includes nonprofit jobs -- which is one of the things that I'm going after -- where you might have to, at any moment, either accept donations and handle them, or you might be called upon to suddenly take over and run the kitchen for the day. So I've decided that's one of the things I'm going to do.

And again, there's a lot of people that might look down on those ideas as "Okay, that's fine and dandy, but I'm an educated person." Well, I'm an educated person, too. I have a degree. However, when it comes down to it, I have never been afraid to jump in and take jobs that other people wouldn't even consider. But as I said, one of the things right now that's motivating me is, life is too short to take that seriously, and this year Jack is going to indulge the jester side, and I am going to do things that are fun, that are funny, that make people laugh, that make people's day.

And I'm going to be part of the magic. That includes when we finally manage to get back on a show lot and we're there first thing in the morning before the crowd gets there, and we're pouring funnel cakes as fast as we can so that when people come in, they have that magical, mystical piece of fry-bread covered with powdered sugar that you wouldn't pay for even if you wanted to at home, but suddenly it becomes ambrosial wonderfulness when you're at the festival or flea market. So when it comes to fulfillment, that's where my head's at this year. It's time to be a jester. It's time to have some fun. It's time to make other people laugh, and it's time to make sure that people don't take themselves so god-damned seriously. So that's the message of the day. Goodbye!

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