Saturday, April 4, 2015

Interfenestration: National Poetry Month, Day Four

Today's vestigial word, "interfenestration" means the space between two windows. I decided to riff on opening up "the dirty window." Post your riff on your blog or enter the National Poetry Month contest at Writing Knights.

The Interfenestration
by Jack V Sage

The interfenestration
cannot be my motivation.
It's the space between the windows
but it doesn't have a view.

I need more inspiration than 
the interfenestration,
so I sit behind my window to
the world and peep at you.

I read about your children,
whether fuzzy or just fussy,
I check out what you had for lunch
and maybe dinner, too.

I read your darkest moments and
your biggest celebrations and
the interfenestration
seems to shrink between us two.

You read about my nightmares
and my wild imanginations,
celebrate peregrinations as
we lose a pound or two.

The interfenestration
cultivates imagination
as we all make art together,
and we write a poem or two.

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