Saturday, September 5, 2015

Writing Knights Roundtable 2016 Page a Day Anthology Challenge: September

Writing Knights Roundtable is reprising its Page a Day Anthology, and has issued a call for submissions. This year they ask for 12 pieces of prose or poetry, one for each month of the year, based on your personal view of each month. After querying, I was told that taking the point of view of a character was acceptable. This provides writing prompts and allows me to flesh out characters for a book I want to write. Here is a potential entry for September. The character does not yet have a name, but her country does: Seirac, pronounced "shyrack." Summersend in Seirac
by Jack Equality Smith

The pile by my
anvil grows larger:
polished helms and hauberks,
swords and daggers,
trinkets and toys,
born of liquid fire
at the mouth
of the Great Forge.
Time to gather bees' nectar
fox grapes and crisp
Load the carts,
hitch the rams,
and travel
to the Barter Market.
Tip a horn of mead,
toss the stein
and ride the rams.
Then load the cart
with sausages and cheeses,
bins of grain, and
casks of mead and ale.
Pulling slowly up the hill
and back into the mountain,
to toil away the winter.

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