Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ultimate Blog Challenge: Day Two

I have participated in the Ultimate Blog Challenge many times over the past few years. The idea is to post something every day for 30 days and to read and comment on at least three other people's blogs every day for those same 30 days, with the idea of increasing traffic and creating and strengthening bonds in the artist, creative, writing and blogging communities. I do not always succeed at posting every single day, but I find it fun to interact with fellow writers.

I am also participating in National Poetry Writing Month. Each post will have a writing prompt. Today's prompt is "distraction." Tell me what distractions you fight. Which ones do you think provide inspiration for your writing or other creative efforts?


  1. Very few -- I'm focused -- sometimes too much so!

  2. I try not to get too distracted, especially when writing. About the only thing, I really can't call it a distraction though, would be when my grandbabies come over!

    1. Mine live too far away to come over, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, I've been able to watch them grow. :)